If it’s not one issue, it’s another!

Okay, I would like to say right off the bat that my post yesterday saying McDougalling was the way I was going to go from now on was sincere…AND…that my blood sugar has been good, I’ve been sleeping better, and I have energy. So, I would definitely recommend it to other people to try, but what I didn’t mention is that since I was a baby, I’ve had serious digestive problems. I’d bleed, have severe constipation, gas, bloating, severe stomach pain attacks, etc. As a kid I was on mineral oil with Senokot daily for years. Being gluten free vegan has indeed helped, but I still struggle…and it seems that the older I get, the worse it’s getting. Today has been SO bad (I woke up looking pregnant) I’ve been freaking miserable. I think all the beans, cruciferous veggies, etc. are wreaking havoc with my fragile system. But my blood sugar is good! So it’s frustrating as heck! If it’s not one thing, it’s another and I’m fed up. Thanks for listening.

Right now I feel like just not eating at all anymore as so many foods bother me. I’ve tried probiotics and enzymes and they did nothing. I’m on candida cleansing herbs right now and they aren’t helping. My friend just suggested I contact Brenda Watson, who has a new book out called "The Skinny Gut Diet". I don’t need to lose weight, but skimming through it here on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/0553417940/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=59456279800&hvpos=1t2&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5378327716384217631&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_16asn6xktq_b#reader_0553417940 I’m thinking I’ve GOT to so something to cure this life-long problem. And, from the little bit I’ve read, it’s looking like I have to cut back on cooked starches and eat more raw veggies and such…with oils. My system is so bad I probably need to make blended salads. Beans and Brussels sprouts are not my friends right now….but oh how I love them.

I just wanted to quickly post this in all honesty, that at least for right now, I’ve gotta change something from the diet THAT WORKS for my sugar….to something that won’t cause me so much discomfort gut-wise.



Not mostly raw anymore, due to evil fat infiltration.

As of the past few days I’ve been back to more of a cooked McDougall diet. I was finding that eating a lot more raw tends to make me eat more and more fatty stuff…which is NOT good for blood sugar control. I was having dizzy spells after lunch when I’d eat things like a couple of pieces of fruit with peanut butter. And I was noticing that I didn’t sleep as well when I’d eat something fatty (usually more peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter) before bed…due, I think, to my blood sugar fluctuating up and down during the night. I started throwing big dollops of vegan mayo on my cooked food. It is insidious. I clearly have an addiction to fats. Oh yeah, I started frying some of the cooked stuff I was eating too! Or saute…saute sounds much less bad because I think it’s a French word. LOL

Anyway, I’m back to a low fat McDougall diet. I certainly eat some fruit and other raw things, but I’m not aiming for raw food to be my mainstay. I do need to increase my vegetable intake though. I really don’t eat enough greens. Now, unlike years ago when I was an obsessive McDougaller who didn’t eat 1 gram of fat in a few years, if I eat out and the restaurant uses a little oil or something in my food, I’m not going to freak out. I don’t eat out that often anyway, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’s hard enough to be a gluten free vegan and find anything to eat in a restaurant. I went for lunch on Friday to Thai Vegan and think I accidentally got glutened. I suspect the vegan fake meat had seitan in it. I got stomach main an hour later or so. That restaurant is VERY good though! And even though I ate more than I should have (we all know that when you are hypoglycemic, over eating ANYTHING is not a good idea) my blood sugar did shockingly well and only went up to 137 or so. I feared I’d spike WAY up but didn’t.

Over all, I am clearly improving with time. It’s really true that the more conscientious you are about what and when you eat, your blood sugar will get less brittle. At least that is my experience.

Be well,

Mostly raw and doing well…knock on wood!

I’m back to a mostly raw diet.  Yes, I waffle back and forth a lot. :-) Of course, when it’s cold in Albuquerque in December I may change my mind again.  I am eating SOME cooked food here and there, though, but I’m wanting cooked stuff less and less.  My blood sugar has been doing pretty good, but I do need to make sure to eat 6 times a day on average.  I also learned that eating a bunch of organic corn chips with nothing else just before bed isn’t a good idea.  Although I didn’t have a major attack or anything, my blood sugar did not feel stable during the night.  I just got tired of all the pure health food and wanted something more fun.  Oh well!

Now, because when I’m raw I have to eat nuts and seeds for satiety and protein (yes, I’m still protein obsessed), I’m not exactly eating a low fat diet at the moment.  I have noticed that I can handle more fat when raw than when eating cooked food…which is odd.  The only exception would be eating A LOT of sweet fruits with a bunch of nut/seed butter.  Then my sugar freaks out.  I don’t eat more than 2 pieces of fruit at a time.  If I need more calories, then I just end up eating a bit more often.  Some days it seems I’m eating constantly.  Other days I am actually okay with only 5 “meals” a day.

Now this isn’t related to hypoglycemia, but you should check out http://www.kriscarr.com.  She is mostly raw, and beat “terminal” cancer 10 years ago by her whole foods diet and natural means.  And she is one of the healthiest looking people I’ve ever seen!

I do wish I could get some sleep though.  My ability to sleep seems to be close to none. :-( Some times it feels like it might be due to my blood sugar, but I think it’s mostly being a 47 year old woman. :-p Getting quality sleep is very important for sugar regulation.

Whirled peas,


At least I didn’t travel with a blender!

Long time, no blog! During my time away, I forced myself to get onto a plane to fly from Albuquerque, NM to Rochester, NY for my…gasp…30th high school reunion. How can it be 30 years?! Anyway, I do NOT like flying anymore and was having major anxiety about my blood sugar cooperating during travel. Thankfully, my 2 flights to Rochester and the 1st one back to Albuquerque went well, and I did okay. I can’t say the 4th flight from Atlanta to Albuquerque was as okay, though, and I ended up having to take an Ativan to stop a major panic attack. The brief story is that our plane was very delayed taking off, and earlier the pilot had mentioned we had just enough fuel to make it to Albuquerque. So, with every minute we sat on the tarmac, I got more and more trapped/scared feeling.

I traveled with so much food it’s not even funny! I had food stashed everywhere! On the smaller plane from Rochester to Atlanta Delta’s employees were forcing people to check carry-on luggage at the gate due to lack of overhead bin space. I flat out told them that I’m hypoglycemic and if they take my bag (mostly full of food) it would not be pretty should I have a low blood sugar attack in the air causing the plane to divert in Texas. That worked, and they let me keep my luggage. :-)

During the whole trip I strictly gluten free McDougalled and mostly did well. But, on Friday night (July 11th) I started to feel concerningly unstable, so I had to give in and eat a vegetarian burger that not only had gluten in it (paid for that later) but some egg. At least I didn’t need to eat meat or anything and stayed veggie…albeit a desperate vegan cheat. I munched on a lot of sweet potatoes the whole time, and bananas. When I chatted with a woman at work who is also hypoglycemic, she told me that on her recent trip she brought along soy milk, protein powder, and a blender! She figured that her extra luggage full of food and appliances was a lot better idea than passing out in a hotel in Washington, DC! I agree with that. :-)

Yes, as a hypoglycemic, you do not travel light…which I find HIGHLY annoying. I’m tired of heavy purses full of food. But, what can I do? If I wasn’t a gluten free (usually) vegan, it would be easier to find emergency food when out and about, but since I don’t want to have to run into Carl’s Jr. for a Six Dollar Burger, I have to carry healthy food with me.

Right now my diet is shifting a bit. I got tired of constantly cooking sweet potatoes, rice, and beans. I also got bored. I’m doing a mixture of raw and cooked, and eating some fat. I have determined that I need to avoid white potatoes like the plague (half of just one modest red skinned tater shot my blood sugar up too much)…reminding myself that the Thanksgiving dinner in 2010 that blew my endocrine system consisted mostly of white potatoes and wine. I do MUCH better with yams/sweet potatoes. Also, my body clearly does better handling fruit if I don’t eat fat with it. I tested things days ago. After my first “meal” of soy protein powder, a grapefruit, and a banana, my blood sugar only went up to 101 and stayed there. I felt good. Then for my 2nd daily feeding (I swear I eat all the time) I had just a banana and did fine. But, for my 3rd daily feeding (lunch) I ate an apple with 3 small/medium bananas and added 1/4 cup (2 oz.) of almond butter for protein. MISTAKE. My blood sugar was 200 when I checked (and I think it had been higher than that and was already plummeting) and 18 minutes later had dropped to 134. For those who don’t know, losing 66 points in 18 minutes is not a good thing. At that point, although I wasn’t sick, I didn’t feel great. My head felt really funny…kind of woo-woo. My issue has always been too dramatic and sudden of drops, not necessarily how low my blood sugar actually gets. When I dropped 120 points once, I got quite sick…from 187 to 67.

I do really good with one piece of fruit and nuts/seeds…and okay with 2 pieces, but that is my strict limit now. That is, if I’m eating fatty nuts/seeds (or anything else fatty) with it. I will be honest and say, though, that when I did try to do the 80-10-10 raw diet weeks ago and ate no fat but a lot of fruit for lunch, I suspect my blood sugar went REALLY high. I had a very strange feeling in my head. I should have checked my sugar, but was afraid to. I chose to abandon that way of eating immediately. So I can handle some fat if I limit carbs a bit. If I want to eat more carbs, both of the raw and cooked variety, I feel better with low fat.

I’ve also been taking walks when I can and am obsessed with yoga at this point. The changes it’s making in my body are amazing (and strangers have been commenting on my arms and shoulder muscles), I’m feeling more comfortable in my skin, and it seems to be helping my blood sugar related panic/anxiety disorder. A psychologist at work is the one who noticed I’m having less panic attacks as I’ve been doing yoga the past few months. Those with blood sugar issues know, stress very negatively affects our ability to control our sugar levels. Yoga and meditation are very important…or some other type of moderate exercise and meditation. Too vigorous exercise usually throws my sugar off. I do have to watch the wild dancing!

Until next time…

Be well,

No really, I’m not 5 months pregnant.

Leave it to my body to be a pain in the tuchus.  As you know, raw fooding, in general, was working GREAT in terms of keeping my blood sugar shockingly stable…despite the boredom.  Plus, almost everything I was eating while raw was alkaline, so that was good news for my bone density issue.  And, I didn’t have to wonder if gluten was lurking in something, because I was eating fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds (with one dose of not raw soy protein powder in the a.m.)  But…and there is always a but with me…my notoriously pitiful digestive system did not rejoice about all the raw food I was consuming.  It rebelled big time.  I would post photos, but really, you don’t want to see them.  My sister and friend are still trying to recover.  LOL!  My stomach started getting increasingly bloated/puffed out to the point that I seriously looked at least 5 months pregnant.  It was swollen and firm to the touch.  Plus, there was increasing tooting issues (I’m honest) and worsening constipation.  How the heck could fruit and vegetables constipate?!  But that’s my annoying intestines for you!

I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and went back to mostly cooked food…limiting myself to 2 modest sized pieces of fruit a day, and after just 2-3 days the pregnancy is gone and everything inside feels calmer and is functioning better.  I’m already seeing my weight head downward, which I don’t need it to do though, so I’m increasing calories.  Which also goes to prove that there IS something about fruit that actually makes you hold weight and/or gain.  It’s not like I’m eating less calories now.  I think I’m eating more, but am tending to lose by limiting fruit.

I was nervous that my blood sugar would suddenly start acting up eating a haphazard mixture of grains, sweet potatoes, beans, vegetables, fruit, and soy…mixed with fatty nut and seed butters.  I came to the realization that fatty diets are clearly not great for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia a while ago.  My plan is to do a modified (although it’s not THAT modified as people who don’t need to lose weight are allowed some nuts and seeds) McDougall diet, whereby I limit acidic grains and beans (but eat some) and get more of my carb needs met with things like sweet potatoes…and eat some nut and seeds (probably as ground butters).  I’ll aim for low fat, but not necessarily SUPER low fat.  I’ll continue to limit fruit to 2 a day, and eat some raw vegetables here and there for variety, but not have most of my diet being raw food.  I may actually be moving toward a balanced approach!  Call the newspapers!

What IS helping, is that with time, my body has calmed down from the initial implosion in late 2010.  Some of the things I’ve been trying recently I could NOT have tolerated when my blood sugar was super brittle long ago.  Something I’ve discovered that is very true is that the better job you do keeping your blood sugar stable, the more stable it gets.  But, just one bad mess-up can make my sugar unstable for weeks.  And, my body does not tolerate alcohol at all.  I have almost an allergic reaction to it now…from just a tablespoon or so!  I made the mistake of sipping a tiny sample of wine at Trader Joe’s recently, and got severely dizzy and stumbled around the store!

Learning as I go,

Carrie (Atheria)

Fruit works…but might make you fat.

The good news is that my blood sugar has been doing shockingly well on a raw vegan diet of quite a bit of fruit (but nowhere near 30 pieces a day), 4 oz. of nuts/seeds, and one salad a day (along with one morning dose of non raw soy protein powder). More good news is that despite not quitting coffee/tea, my system seems to be pretty alkaline, which is important regarding my bone density issue. The bad news is that I am suspecting those theories are right about the fructose in fruit causing weight gain. When I was raw many years ago, I thought I noticed that, and would make sure to eat no more than 5 pieces of fruit a day. I just talked to a male friend who recently returned to a vegan diet and is trying to lose weight. He tried raw (after my exuberance about it) and gained weight in just a few days due to the fruit…and went back to cooked food. Another female friend has not had weight melt off as she thought it would switching to raw. I’ve had to continually cut back on how much I’m eating just to maintain, and I’m still up a little. Now, as some of you know, I had been complaining for a long time (while cooked) that I couldn’t keep weight on…and got too thin. I am picky and don’t want to be too thin or too heavy. I like to weigh a certain number.

As I was Googling fruit/fructose today, I read what I thought I’d heard about fructose a while ago…that it doesn’t trigger an insulin release like other sugars do. Now, for a hypoglycemic, that is actually a really good thing on the surface and probably why I’ve been doing so good. But there is a downside to your body not releasing insulin. It messes up your leptin level, and that controls weight. This may explain how this slim, really healthy looking woman raw fooder that I followed a bit years ago only ate about 5 apples a day and not much else, but didn’t wither away to 70 lbs. She maintained a healthy slim weight on VERY little raw food. Now I know why! Of course, this would save money, so that’s a good thing, but I don’t want to have to keep eating less and less when I’m not eating truckloads now. I’m starting to miss the days of struggling to NOT lose weight! Keeping in mind that keeping my blood sugar stable and being alkaline are the most important things, I should just shut up, because raw IS working. And, if you are lazy like me, raw is awesome! No more cooking beans and grains and burning things! But, yes, I’m neurotic about my size. I’m going to try eating less fruit and more salads/veggies (which means I could also handle more fatty stuff) but I don’t know if it’ll work because, in general, my body seems to need carbohydrates in sizeable amounts. I may end up needing to reincorporate some cooked stuff like sweet potatoes, but that also means I need to watch my fat intake as I clearly do better with starchy stuff when I limit fat. So, here we are…trying to walk a fine line. I really don’t understand how the HIGH fruit eating very low fat raw vegans don’t gain 50 lbs. eating 20-30 pieces of fruit a day, even when eating low fat. I have read some people’s posts complaining that they are gaining weight on a fruitarian diet, and they are often poo-pooed, but I know they are not making it up.

Another concern I read online is that fructose is handled by the liver as a fat
, which would explain why people with high triglycerides are told to limit fruit consumption. I need to look more into that.


Carrie (Atheria)

I’m still in shock, but raw fooding is working!

With the added complication to my hypoglycemia and gluten issue of the recent diagnosis of early onset osteoporosis, I have turned back to raw food in an effort to get more alkaline.  In the very late 90s/early 2000s I was a vegan raw foodist.  I wasn’t a purist and still drank coffee and ate some roasted peanut butter back then, and I wasn’t hypoglycemic back then, but I did really good on a high raw diet.  My hormones got better.  My digestive system that had always sucked got better.  The main reason I eventually quit rawwing was that I was having symptoms that I was blowing out m gallbladder because I ate A LOT…I mean, A LOT of fat when raw.  In order to feel “full” I loaded up on truckloads of nut/seed/peanut butters, avocados, fatty dressings, etc.  I don’t even want to think how many grams of fat I was eating each day.  I started getting nauseous a lot, and thought, “Uh oh!”

It is interesting how my body has changed since Black Friday 2010.  When my endocrine system first blew, I could not even eat a banana.  I don’t think even tried after the first try for 2 years.  When I bit into a banana back then, it tasted sickenly sweet…like someone poured white sugar in my mouth, and I gagged and spit it out.  For a long time after my hypo showed up, I was like The Princess and the Pea in that my taste buds were hypersensitive to sugars.  I could taste an eight of a teaspoon of sugar in a whole package of food.  Plus, bananas and other “sugary” fruits threw my blood sugar off big time.  But, with time, my system seems to be calming down.  I did learn that the more stable you can keep your blood sugar, the more stable it gets…and it seems to be very true.

Anyway, although I am still paranoidly taking a dose of one serving of soy protein powder every morning, the rest of my food (not counting coffee/tea) has been raw overall.  I am eating tons of fruit and cannot get over how good my blood sugar is doing.  Although I’ve not been checking my sugar often, I don’t feel like I’m spiking.  I could swear I heard somewhere that the fructose in fruits actually doesn’t make your body release insulin like other sugars do…but am not sure that is totally true.  Right now it feels like it’s true.  I’m eating fatty almond butter and a dash of Vegenaise as dressing on my evening salads, but I’m not stuffing myself full of fat this time and am eating more fruit.  I’m a small person, but am averaging 1 large grapefruit, 1 large apple or mango or pear, and 8 bananas a day.  I eat about 4 oz. of almond butter (or almonds and Brazil nuts) each day and a big salad.  I’m still tweaking how many calories I need, and today is a day when I need more, so I’ll add in some extra nuts and/or fruit.  The one day I felt STARVING and literally drank melted peanut butter, I realized later had been a day when I simply hadn’t had enough fruit calories.  I’m still somewhat leery of fruit since so many people tell hypoglycemics to strictly avoid fruit, so I’m gradually increasing my intake.  I felt good upon awaking this morning and my blood sugar was 99.  (I feel the best in the 90s to low 100s.)

Now, my body could very well mutiny at any given time, but I think I’m onto something.  I’m even drinking liquid chlorophyll…blech…!  But GREEN is very good for you!  The lazy part of me who hates cooking is loving that packing my lunches now is much easier…an apple, bananas, almond butter.  I’d like to get a Vitamix to liquify veggies as I do need to increase my green foods intake, but geeze those things are pricey.

The best thing is that I was able to go to Durango, CO and Mesa Verde by myself last weekend and not have a major panic attack.  When my blood sugar is not doing well, I’m prone to panic attacks.  Munching on bananas the whole weekend kept me going and feeling good.  I may end up actually getting my life back.  Anyone who knows what anxiety/panic disorders are like knows they can be a constant struggle, but the better I control myy blood sugar, the better I do.  They are clearly tied together.  It’s weird, but fruit actually makes me feel “safe” now.

Carrie (Atheria)

Eating alkaline for bone density might also help hypoglycemia!


This blog may be morphing from me trying to make my way back to 100% vegan while dealing with hypoglycemia and not being able to eat gluten, to how to save your bones as a gluten free hypoglycemic.  Ugh.  In my panic over finding out that at only 47 I’ve got pretty major osteoporosis and osteopenia (depending on the area), and arguing with my doctor about the osteoporosis drugs with HORRID side effects I do not want to take, I’ve been frantically researching how to help myself naturally.  One thing I’m proud of is that I’m not someone who just expects to have an MD “save” me while making no effort to save myself.  I am proactive.  And, as I do believe there is a reason for everything, some “accidental” good may have come from my bone issue.

Although researching online is enough to drive one batty from all the contradictory information, I am pretty convinced that (1) exercise is mandatory…especially yoga, rebounding, and/or weight training, and (2) eating a low sodium, alkaline diet is a smart thing to do.  After reading Yoga for Osteoporosis, I’ve got hope that a practice that is thousands of years old can help me.  Coincidentally (or not…as I think I was intuitively picking up something was wrong) I had started doing yoga at home about 6 weeks ago or so.  I really DO hate weight training, which I’ve done a bit of this week, but DO like rebounding, so I’ll probably focus on walking when I can, yoga, and rebounding, with a little bit of kettlebells use.  (It actually is kind of fun to swing kettlebells around.)

Now, keeping in mind that when you have a blood sugar issue, you are supposed to exercise…I’ve had issues with not sticking with it.  But, now I have ZERO excuse to sit on my butt.  That is, if I want to have a good quality of life when I’m 80.  A friend of mine in her early 80s is going through living hell due to her back basically crumbling.  I would not wish that on anyone.  So, exercise will help my skeleton and, hopefully, my hypoglycemia.  And here is where the good from bad comes in…

After just a few days eating a much more alkaline diet, I noticed that my forever bad digestive system was noticeably better, I was sleeping for the first time in years (seriously), and my blood sugar was staying stable!  And it stayed stable even with a lot of fruit and fat!  Now, it “could” be that my sugar did so well because I was seemingly eating constantly trying to get enough calories in…but I don’t know.  I just know that I felt better in numerous ways.  Looking back on even my prior 16 years of veganism, and although I was never a junk food person, my healthy diet was quite acidic…let alone since then when I’ve had to eat animal products for my hypoglycemia control.  I’ve never been a huge vegetable eater.  I typically had 2 small servings of veggies a day.  But I did eat a lot of grains (tons of wheat until Dec. 2012 when taken off gluten), beans, peanut butter, other nuts/seeds, etc. that are all acid forming.  And I’m not even mentioning coffee.  (That is the ONE thing I refuse to give up, but even the most strict diet allows 20% acid foods.)  I also ate a lot of salt in the forms of canned foods and fake meats.  The only time in my past when I actually ate more alkaline foods was when I was mostly raw fooding in the early 2000s.  But I was eating truckloads of peanut butter (not raw, I know) at the time to feel satiated, like 3/4-1 cup of peanut butter or tahini a day.  Almonds and Brazil nuts are supposedly alkaline, so my fridge has a bunch of almond butter in it right now.

Here is where the but comes in.  I’ve been feeling good this past week eating an alkaline, whole foods diet, but despite the seemingly constant eating, I’ve dropped too much weight again.  It is not uncommon for me to lose a pound a day, and when my normal weight is only 91 lbs., it can quickly become scary.  When I saw myself in the mirror this morning, I freaked.  The only way I know how to get my frustrating body to gain weight and keep weight on is via acidic animal products. :-( So yes, right now I’m back on eggs, cheese, meat, etc. :-( I’m so frustrated I could scream.  Of course, stress over all of this is probably WHY my metabolism is freaking out again, so I guess I need calming yoga more than I even realized.  Hopefully, I’ll have to do this just temporarily, as I know all of this protein and acid is NOT good for my bones, not to mention the fact I do not want to have to eat animal products.  I did want to tell others though, with blood sugar issues, to try a more alkaline diet to see if it helps you too.  Although millet, buckwheat, and supposedly quinoa are alkaline grains, I was avoiding all grains and getting my starch from lots of sweet potatoes.  I was also getting more carbs from fruit.  On top of that I started eating a lot more veggies, especially green things like kale, tofu, and almonds/Brazil nuts.  Oh, and I did continue my a.m. ritual of a dose of soy protein powder “just in case”.  I might switch back to Now Foods’ pea protein when I run out.  I don’t want to be over-soyed.  Of course, TODAY none of that matters with the crap I’m eating in desperation.  I am making sure, though, to eat lots of green veggies with the crap I’m eating, to lessen the blow to my PH regulation as much as possible.

I do want to mention that I veered off McDougalling again, not because of blood sugar issues per se, but because I started to feel a little weird.  It’s really hard to explain it, but I felt “carbed” in a strange way.  My friend has experienced the same thing, and agreed it’s a subtle feeling of being off, that is hard to describe.  It was kind of like I felt at times like my sugar was about to drop bad.  It wouldn’t, but it was a feeling that made me feel nervous it would.  I wasn’t checking my sugar all of the time, but I was starting to suspect my sugar might have been too high at times.  I can’t prove that now though.  And, like I said, I was technically doing fine and not getting sick.  I do think I need some nuts, etc.  I was VERY lowfat.

And this is me today trying to remember to get HAPPY!  http://instagram.com/p/nRINdrumJ-/

PH-ly yours,



Like I don’t have enough health issues to deal with…now osteoporosis!

Although I’ve been doing good, in general, on a very high carb, very low fat McDougall type diet lately, I will admit that there have been a few times the past few days when I felt weird.  It’s truly hard to explain it as it was fleeting, but weird…almost like my blood sugar was acting up and then it would stop and I’d feel okay.  I even got away with a TINY bit of sparkling wine on Saturday…like no more than 2 oz.  But, for me, that was major.  Then, last night, I could not sleep AT ALL.  It was really bad.  My sugar felt okay but I just couldn’t sleep, and here the higher carb intake had been helping me to sleep before.  When I woke up this a.m. I felt a little off, and I was, so I had to pop just half of a glucose tablet.  I respond to small amounts of glucose quickly due to my small size.  That concerned me, and then I weighed myself, and SHIT!  My weight has dropped again!  Now, I know many people would be like, “Whoo Hoo!  I’m eating truckloads and losing weight!”  But, I cannot afford to lose anything.  I had just finally gotten my weight up to my normal thin weight. :-/ So, on my way to the dentist this a.m. I had to give in and eat some fried eggs…and all day long I ate fattier things and some cheese and mayo.  I wanted to eat extra protein since my sugar was acting up a little this a.m. and I had to get in some denser food/calories.  Obviously, eating bowl upon bowl of brown rice with fat free “refried” beans doesn’t keep weight on me.  And yes, my goal is STILL to be 100% vegan 100% of the time.  But, I’ve had two steps forward and one step back most of the time…sigh.

Anyway, I had already accepted that I would need to cut back on carbs a bit so that I could add in fattier stuff (too much carbs WITH lots of fat makes my blood sugar freak out).  Now, I’m not talking super low carb.  I’m talking not crazy high carb like I’d been eating…and the use of the word crazy is not to imply carbs are bad at all.  I was just eating A LOT of starches and fruits.  So, after accepting I needed to change my diet’s ratios of protein/fats/carbs, I got an email from a doctor at work giving me my DEXA Scan results from last week…and the results are not good.  At age 47 I already have osteoporosis in my lumbar area and osteopenia in my femoral neck (hips)!  To say that I’ve been freaked out all day is an understatement.  I’ve been doing (and getting addicted to) yoga for about 6 weeks now, but now I’ve GOT TO do it and any other weight bearing exercise I can….while changing my diet to a very alkaline diet.  The drug options like Fosamax and Boniva suck butt…and I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals in general.  But the side effects are scary.  Of course, one article says eat this and don’t eat that while another article contradicts it.  But, from what I can tell, eating truckloads of veggies and fruit is a good thing….grains, animal products, beans, peanuts, not so much. :-( So I guess it’s kind of a good thing that I was planning on cutting back on starches anyway, since I should avoid grains and beans as much as possible…sigh.  I just went out and bought a bunch of green vegetables, and thankfully have become a huge fan of kale.  I also got raw almond butter and a package of almonds, as almonds are one of the few truly alkaline nuts.  I picked up some calcium added tofu also.  Fermented soy is better, but the tempeh at Trader Joe’s had gluten in it.

So let’s see….now I’m dealing with not being able to eat gluten, an 18+ year long 24/7 headache from whiplash, hypoglycemia, hormone issues, AND osteoporosis at a young age.  Isn’t life grand?  That being said, there are even worse things that I have to be grateful I’m NOT dealing with.  There is a part of me that feels that this showed up to make me put my beliefs about food being thy medicine to the test.  I really do need to turn down the drug options and treat this with an alkaline diet, yoga, walking/hiking, and weight training.  There is a story in this Yoga Journal article that is inspiring about a woman who fixed her bone issues with diet and exercise only:  http://www.yogajournal.com/health/2616

I will admit that although I’ve never been a junk food person, my diet, even when vegan for 16 years, was pretty acidic.  I’ve never eaten the amount of veggies…especially green veggies….that I should.  My diet has been often very grain and peanut butter and bean centered.  And, of course, peanuts turn out to be VERY acidic.  Ugh!  As I look for the reason behind things, wouldn’t it be “funny” if in my efforts to help my bone density, I actually straighten out my blood sugar?  Eating a lot more veggies certainly can’t hurt!  I’m thankful, also, that my newly beloved sweet potatoes are alkaline!  Whoo Hoo!  I’m going to be relying on them for my carbs much of the time.  I am going to continue to carefully increase my fruit intake too.

Well, I’ve gotta to do downward dog.



I have to accept the fact that fats are NOT my friend and stop whining.

Well, after just ONE day of adding fatty stuff into my diet (for feedings #3, 5, and 6) there was a noticeable difference in how I felt…and not in a good way. Although I didn’t have a low blood sugar attack, I didn’t feel totally stable blood sugar wise either…and got almost no sleep last night. I had this horrible restlessness. Obviously, I have to stick with a low fat diet whether I want to or not and stop whining about it. I can handle a little peanut butter (or similar high fat item) occasionally, but to make a habit of eating vegan mayonnaise, olive oil, peanut butter, tahini, etc. is clearly out for me. This sucks. But, I have to remind myself that my two main goals are to feel good and be vegan. That diabetic guy on a chat board who said he’s tested his body’s response to food for years, and is 100% positive that if he eats more than 5 grams of fat at a meal, his blood sugar gets wonky…is right.

Low fatly yours,


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