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I am sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog, but I’ve been busy with my metaphysical blog “On Angels’ Wings Productions” and my blood sugar has been doing so much better for awhile that I got lazy.  That being said, my life-long bad digestive system has TOTALLY mutinied during peri-menopause/menopause (known meno symptom) and I’m desperate for digestive relief!

A co-worker gave me this book, "Eat Dirt", as we are both going through digestive hell. I have had digestive problems since birth, but now at 50…with meno changes…my entire GI tract has muntinied and I can't take it anymore. I'm already a gluten free vegan, but that's not helping. I'm still reading Dr. Axe's book but am making changes immediately. I found this AUTHENTIC sauerkraut (just cabbage, water, and salt) that hopefully has natural probiotics in it (pricey…so I'll start making my own) and I got this bottle of non-dairy probiotic pills. I am going organic, begrudgingly…as I'm cheap, and phasing out conventional/chemical laden food. I'm also detoxing my cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, etc. We are toxic cesspools if we're not using organic, natural products everywhere! This book is eye opening. I do need to find organic whiskey though. Ha! I took his test and scored very highly likely that I have leaky gut issues. I'm also learning how to muscle test (kinesiology) myself to see what I should and shouldn't ingest or use. #leakygut #digestion #vegansofinstagram #vegan #wholistic #holistichealth #holistic #draxe #drjoshaxe #toxins #ibs #colitis #crohnsdisease #autoimmunedisease #multiplesclerosis #parkinsonsdisease #als #rheumatoidarthritis #celiacdisease #thyroid #hypothyroidism #diabetes #hypoglycemia

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I’m still reading the book above that my kind co-worker gave me, but it’s CLEAR to me that my entire system is toxic and that I definitely have leaky gut.  I am now making the effort to clean up my innards and surroundings.  A new symptom appeared tonight, burping up strong acid, along with the constant really bad gas, pain, bloating, constipation, going too much, etc.  The holistic doctor I saw years ago said that 99% of hypoglycemics have major digestive problems.  He used kinesiology on me at the time and my intestines and liver were a mess.  He put me on a very limited diet and strong cleansing supplements, which did help a lot.  But, with time, it seems I’ve regressed again…..and worse.  I highly suggest everyone with autoimmune issues or blood sugar issues read “Eat Dirt”.  He’s not vegan, but you can adapt most of his recommendations to vegan options.

Gut-ly yours,


Hypoglycemia rears its head…

Well, it looks like the days of my body trying to move more toward diabetes vs. hypoglycemia are over.  Lately I’ve been having more low blood sugar issues again…shakiness, etc.  Ugh.  Not totally sure what’s going on, but will say that since I’ve been eating “whatever” (as long as it’s vegan and mostly whole food) it seems issues have started arising.  My fat intake has clearly increased, so I’m leaning toward blaming that.  But, I don’t know for sure.  I’m so fed up with all of this!  I had a dizzy spell at PetSmart today after lunch.  Great.  And I got shaky before dinner was due.  I just need a whole new endocrine system.  I inherited a defective one.  (Diabetes/hypogycemia is rampant in my family on my mom’s side.)

I may have to cut back on fat again…but I keep hoping I won’t!



Magnesium’s link to diabetes and more

Firstly, if you’ve not seen this new video of Dr. John McDougall talking about the diabetes industry, you need to watch it.  For hypoglycemics also on Metformin, like many diabetics are, DEFINITELY watch this video.

I’ve been talking oral magnesium (because, quite frankly, I didn’t know there were any other options) for a while to help my life-long digestive system woes…and it has been helping.  I was Googling “magnesium deficiency symptoms” and such this morning after talking with a coworker 2 days ago about how her thyroid meds deplete magnesium and how she uses magnesium lotion for muscle pain.  From what I found online there is a clear tie between not having enough magnesium in your body and hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, and Syndrome X!  AND…oral magnesium isn’t always properly taken up by your cells so you can still be too low.  Magnesium lotions get better reviews than magnesium oils, FYI.  Seems many of the oils cause a burning sensation on the skin.  My coworker gave me a sample of her lotion until the brand I ordered on Amazon arrives on Thursday.  I started rubbing it into my awful neck muscles (have been in 24/7 head and neck pain for over 21 years due to whiplash) yesterday and I do think my neck is slightly looser already.  I’m cautiously hopeful.  I will continue with the magnesium capsules too for my intestines.  It seems many drugs, and even Vitamin C supplements (also coffee…of which I drink a lot) can deplete magnesium levels.

On a side note, I’m back on a low fat diet.  My fatty food binge backfired.



Free Online Diabetes Summit

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Balanced Vegan Approach

Since I’ve tossed out extremes in my vegan diet, I’m clearly doing better digestion system wise and my blood sugar is mostly very stable.  If I go REALLY long without eating, I can get a little shaky, but, in general, I can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be fine.  And, I’m off all supplements/meds to get my normally stubborn digestive tract to do its job!  That is a big benefit.  But, just when you think you’re doing great you find out you aren’t perfect.  I happened upon this video today by Christiane Northrup, who I trust a lot.

In the video where she talks about the evils of sugar, she mentions that 2 hours after eating your blood sugar shouldn’t be above 120 and your fasting sugar should be under 80.  Now, I’ve not been checking my sugar all the time anymore, but most of the time I’m under 100 fasting and have been thrilled with that…but usually not under 80 unless my dinner was MUCH lower carb.  I’ve been doing a pretty high fat, moderate carb, moderate protein ratio.  My fasting numbers are usually in the 80s-90s.  I really don’t know what my 2 hours post meal numbers have been, although if history is any lesson…I’m sure less than 130.  On very high carb, very low fat, lower protein 2 hours post meals I’d be anywhere from 140-256.

I guess I shouldn’t stress about hitting some “perfect” number since my numbers are definitely way better…despite immense stress after being mugged/attacked on January 7th and losing ALL of my ID along with access to money and having to re-key my car to the tune of $1,229.  I got injured in the fight (yes, I fought back) and have not been sleeping well along with having Acute Stress Disorder issues since.  Stress and lack of sleep do NOT help blood sugar regulation.  So, I shouldn’t really go by any of my numbers right now…but…at least they’ve not gone back into the wrong direction.

Another added benefit is that the edema I’ve had in my left ankle and foot for many months is suddenly almost totally gone!  Whoop!



Overly Restrictive Vegan Diets

This is a follow-up video rant to my previous post advocating a moderate, well-rounded vegan diet.  I have come to the point where I feel all of these extreme versions of veganism/plant based eating are detrimental, not only to people’s health (long term) but also turn carnivores off from going vegan.  I think many of the diets are triggers for eating disorders too.

Sorry about all the “Ummms” as I hadn’t prepared exactly what I was going to say and just talked off the cuff.

Happy 2017!  Get on with living!


Moderation for 2017


I have not made new year’s resolutions for the past few years, but I’m making at least one for 2017.  As you can see from the picture, stopping champagne is NOT my resolution!  LOL

My resolution is MODERATION in 2017.  I posted something a while back about the Buddhist “Middle Way” and need to revisit that.  For most of the past week+ I stuck to a very low fat McDougall diet…and although I did okay blood sugar wise, I noticed myself becoming not only increasingly bored with my dry, tasteless food, but obsessed with not eating fat.  When you start worrying about lipstick containing oil, there’s a problem.  I found myself having to say no to more social events because, “There will be nothing for me to eat that is gluten free, vegan, and fat free.”  I also noticed bad breath, which is a sign of ketosis…or your body feeding on itself to survive.  I had cut my protein intake dramatically by quitting my vegan protein powder and nuts/seeds and the bad breath could have meant that I wasn’t getting enough.  Yes, I know that it’s supposedly very hard to not get enough protein, but, when you watch calories like I do and don’t eat 2,000-3,000 per day…some of the protein you do consume actually gets burned as fuel instead of being used for your body’s maintenance and repair.  So, in theory, you should eat a bit extra protein.

Also, my IBS with idioathic constipation does NOT like really low fat diets.  And, from what I’ve read via online chat boards, I’m not the only one who dries out internally and externally when fats are dramatically cut from the diet.  My intuition tells me that plant fats just can’t be horrible for you.  (Also, as a vata dominant person — see prior post — low fat is contrary to my constitution.)  And Dr. Gregor recently mentioned that even a fatty whole foods vegan diet helps fend off heart disease (vs. a diet that contains meat, cheese, and eggs). — I’m not saying that he recommends high fat, in general…but simply said that some studies are showing a higher fat plant based diet also helps the heart, like the low fat plant based diets do.

I’m a Libra, and as the sign of the scales, I have often swung to extremes in an effort to find balance.  The one conclusion I’ve come to for me, personally, is that extremes just aren’t good long term.  Eventually, all raw, all cooked, no fat, high fat, low carb, super high carb, etc. diets backfire.  Something eventually goes wrong, be it hair and eyelash loss, digestive woes, blood sugar freaking out, lack of energy, etc.  So, for 2017 I’m going to eat a well-rounded, gluten free (don’t have a choice on the darn no gluten thing) vegan diet and stop obsessing about macronutrients.  I’m tired of feeling overly restricted.  I’m tired of having to carry lots of food with me because no restaurant would ever have anything I could eat.  I’m tired of things going wrong.  Now, something that I did discover years ago when my hypoglycemia was quite bad, is that I can tolerate supposedly bad foods IF I only eat a little of them.  But, that brings me back to moderation!  I do better with modest sized meals more often.  It doesn’t cause my blood sugar to spike super high and then plummet (or, more recently, stay too high for hours).  I will say that I’m to the point now where I often can get away with just 3 meals a day.  At one point, I had to eat 6-8 times a day.  That was sucky!  I did get a little shaky yesterday before dinner when I hadn’t had an afternoon snack, but I think that was due to the free grande soy milk cappuccino I got at Starbucks which was higher in caffeine than I normally ingest in the mid afternoon.  And, the soy milk contained some sugar.  But, for quite a while now, I’ve been able to eat lunch and then not eat again until dinner and be totally fine.

I would like to add, since so many hypoglycemics have digestive woes, that taking probiotics and strong elemental magnesium have indeed been helping.  Don’t take the magnesium, though, if you have IBS with the opposite problem as me.  High doses of elemental magnesium WILL make you run to the bathroom!

I was a little worried that my fasting blood sugar would go up high now that I’ve put fats back into my diet mixed with carbs, but I was pleasantly surprised to be 73 this morning despite an almond butter sandwich before bed!

I’m going to be more gentle with myself and my body this year.  Hopefully, 2017 will be MUCH better than 2016!  This has been an upsetting year in many ways.

Happy, healthy, new year!



Type 2 Diabetes and Fat

Today is day #1 of me cutting fat back out of my diet after quite a lot of days eating added oils and naturally fatty foods because of my “IBS with idiopathic constipation” that I have suffered with since I was born.  Literally…since birth.  As a child I had constipation so bad the MDs had me on mineral oil and Senokot.  The inguinal hernia that first appeared in 1999 and then disappeared until 2012 (I think my intestines managed to slip behind my abdominal muscle wall just enough that they were held into place for 13 years.) causing me to have surgery in September 2012…the surgeon blamed on decades of straining to go poo.  I added lots of fat back into my diet, mixed with “elemental magnesium” to get my darn body to go!  Anyway, that has worked, but…my fasting blood sugar numbers are rising because of the fat.  UGH!  I just LOVE this juggling game…NOT.

I just found this video of Jane Esselstyn SIMPLY explaining why high fat diets are not good for people with diabetes (and…hypoglycemia, since hypoglycemia is a precursor to diabetes).  Sometimes we need a childlike explanation to really GET it.  (Side note:  Her husband, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, formerly Bill Clinton’s doctor, once called me to try to help me with my blood sugar issues on the vegan diet.)

Please watch this short video via VegSource and learn how the body works…despite what paleo/Atkins people tell you.  Here’s the link again:—jane-esselstyn-rn590.html

Happy vegan holidays,



My digestive system has mutinied!

I admit defeat!  I freaking give up!  Bruce Lee was very cool, but I give up!


I am SO freaking sick and tired of helping one issue via a certain diet only to have that way of eating disagree with something else I’m dealing with!  My blood sugar has clearly come back down to where it should be by McDougalling, but my temperamental entire digestive tract that’s been a problem since birth (literally since birth) has gotten immensely worse.  Right now I’m in pain and look 5 months pregnant.  My IBS has clearly flaired up and by taking magnesium or Aloe Lax to help “go”….I end up going too much.  I’ve got severe and painful gas and have to run to the loo on a regular basis.  Everything hurts.  I look terrible.  And….I started craving fats so bad last night I couldn’t take it anymore and ate some sunflower seed butter.  I feel constantly hungry but unsatisfied.  I could probably eat 10,000 calories (but I won’t as it is still hard to keep from gaining when you eat all this starch no matter what “they” say) and still feel hungry.  I’m tired of thinking about food all the time.  I just want to get on with things!

Someone on the McDougall chat board mentioned Ayurveda to me and I definitely need to read more about what Vatas should eat.  I did dabble in it a while back and didn’t follow all the recommendations, but had clear improvement.  I do know that Vatas need FATS…warm, high fat, sweet food!  Of course, that may be an issue with my damn blood sugar.  But right now, I’ve got to get my stomach and intestines to calm down from this major flair up.  Ayurvedic medicine has been around for a LONG time so it must be worthwhile.  As I type this, I’ve not got heartburn too.  Lovely…(as I burp up acid).  It’s time for me to take an individual/personalized approach and listen to what my annoying body wants.  Forget all the diet gurus.  I am reading a book by the wonderful Thich Nhat Hanh right now where he mentions that humans are the only species who run to doctors when there’s any sign of a problem.  The animal kingdom fasts and rests and allows its body to self heal.  The body is intelligent if we give it a chance.  It would be a good idea for me to fast for a few days to “reset” but I don’t know that I can do that with my blood sugar.  What I can do is stop taking things to fix constipation that actually end up throwing off my system in the opposite direction, try what ancient Ayurveda suggests for Vatas….AND….as Thich says, practice mindfulness and tune into my body to see what it’s trying to say….to listen to its cry for help.  There is definitely some mind/body stuff going on too.

I literally got zero sleep last night because my innards were making such loud noises.  I’m not kidding.  That was the 2nd night of strange noises emanating from deep within my gut. :-/ That, mixed with a spirit in the kitchen slamming cabinet doors didn’t help.  But that’s for my other blog.

I just found this and HOLY MOLY it’s me!  They should have my photo here! Right down to the part where although I love apples and pears, they tend to hurt my stomach!


Atheria the WAY out of balance Vata

I’m convinced! Cut the fat!

This guy is a Ph.D. type one diabetic who developed diabetes randomly at age 22.  He is a low fat raw vegan and intelligently great!  Watch the video linked on his main page that explains that fruit is NOT evil for diabetics (and I’m assuming hypoglycemics). – Dad, have mom watch this video and read his blogs!

Calorie Density: The #1 Reason Why People Abandon Plant-Based Diets

Why many who try to be vegan fail…and how to gain/lose weight as a vegan depending on what you need to do.

About Me

Once again, watch the video and read his story.

EVERYTHING IN MY BEING SAYS HIGH FAT/LOW CARB IS NOT NATURAL!  I hung out with beautiful, strong horses today and they do not load up on added oils and protein.  They eat hay and grass (and dirt…..but that was odd)!  I feel like shit on high fat/low carb.  I have zero energy and end up with chest pain.  It is NOT sustainable for me.  I freaked out yesterday morning when I checked my fasting blood sugar and it was diabetic again.  I’d been eating a HIGH fat diet with lower carbs.  I immediately cut my fat intake drastically (no sunflower butter, peanut butter, and tons of coconut oil) and my fasting number was fabulous at 87 this morning.  I dropped dramatically in just 24 hours!  The human body responds quickly when you do the right thing.  I simply refuse to end up an insulin dependent diabetic with side effects.  I am doing a mixture of raw and cooked food right now, but I may end up totally raw.  I am hoping that cooked food doesn’t lower the success rate.  I think fats are the devil if you have insulin resistance, and not cooked vs. raw…..but time will tell.

Years ago when I was a smug know-it-all, Dr. John McDougall warned me that the amount of fat I was eating would come back to bite me in the ass.  Well, I just looked at my ass, and yep, a piece of it is gone.

Back to low fat for good,